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I have not wrote a post in a while…the summer and work have gotten the best of me. In addition, family issues are always at hand. While my site is devoted to ethics I enjoy discussing a variety of topics, and just talking about life in general. Too often we get caught up in the [...]

Business Ethics and Customer Service in the Wireless Phone Industry

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Did Sprint make a good move when they dropped 1,000 customers because they were “excessive” complainers?  We have to look at the pros and cons of this.  Sprint just upset 1,000 people, but obviously they were unhappy or disturbed to begin with. Sprint now has much more time to dedicate to customers with legitimate problems [...]

Hurricanes will become more frequent, we will see drought patterns in the United States, and the sea level will rise.  Richard Alley, a Glaciologist puts it straight forward.  “Look, it’s getting warmer, and the pattern of that warming is the pattern of humans, not of nature.  Humans are changing the composition of the atmosphere.  We’ve [...]

Victoria’s Secret not only provides clothes for women to feel sexy in, they practice business ethics and social responsibility. Just look at the back of their catalogs:
As a value-led organization, Victoria’s Secret is integrating the protection and preservation of  global resources into our everyday business practices.  It’s part of doing what is right, and  means we’re committed to sustainable, responsible and thoughtful environmental behavior.
We are proud to deliver the Victoria’s Secret

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