While we have not been trying to get pregnant for too long (7 months), I am most afraid that my husband or I may be infertile.  Any young couples worst nightmare. Now I have been doing a lot of research on infertility, fertility treatment methods, as well as some alternative – ‘holistic approaches’.  Yet, it [...]

In an article I read about workplace ethics stated, “In an ideal world, every person is treated equally when it comes to getting a job, advancing in their career, and being treated fairly in the workplace.  In reality, we know this is not the case.”  It is interesting that racial discrimination still does exist in [...]

Safe Skies, LLC fell victim to another luggage lock company seeking to squash inventor’s rights.
Dave Tropp, inventor of the patented TSA Lock Technology, has taken action against this luggage lock company and has filed a patent infringement claim. Mr. Tropp is seeking injunctive relief from other luggage lock companies infringement of the two US Patents he has obtained.
This patent infringement lawsuit will be decided by jury trial in The United

In today’s society it sometimes feel that privacy does not exist. The government wants to know everything about you…if only they could get into our minds. I mean seriously, it seems that the only thing private is what we keep in our minds. They can access our journals, diaries, and luggage without “reasonable suspicion”.
Now the government wants access to our laptops when we carry them across borders. The question is

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