Yourway Transport has retained Kimball Communications, LLC to build awareness of its expertise in customized transportation solutions and special handling needs for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical/healthcare industries.

Since 1997, Yourway Transport has set the standard for quickness, dependability and personalized service for sensitive materials such as medicines, blood specimens, cryogenic shipments, food, machinery and human organs for transplant. Today the bio-medical and high-tech industries require not only speedy delivery, but also temperature control, specialized packaging, enhanced computer and information requirements, multicentre coordination and just-in-time logistical supply chain solutions.

“Yourway Transport has continually changed to meet today’s challenges,” said Yourway president Gulam Jaffer. “For example, the pharmaceutical industry has transport needs that require speed and sensitive, customized handling.”

Yourway Transport is taking so many steps in the right direction…it doesn’t take long to judge a brand, so building awareness of their areas of expertise will surely help their future direction and future business.


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