While we have not been trying to get pregnant for too long (7 months), I am most afraid that my husband or I may be infertile.  Any young couples worst nightmare.

Now I have been doing a lot of research on infertility, methods, as well as some alternative – ‘holistic approaches’.  Yet, it seems there are some ethical standards of fertility that I never knew about, mainly because I never had any interest in the subject until now.

Anymore in today’s society, it seems that when people think about fertility treatments they think of the ‘Octomom’ and that is not me.  I am married, employed, and I have no other children – and I have wanted just one child to call my own.

The criticism among society, and the people around me I am not worried about – but it is that of my church that is weighing in on my dreams of having a child.

The ethics of fertility varies among religion and church – whether you are Mennonite, Roman Catholic, Judaism, Hindu, or Muslim – all have their own views on fertility treatments.

I am Roman Catholic, a relgion that does not allow the substitution of artificial fertilization. In the words of the church – “It is intrinsically immoral because it does not respect the dignity and sacredness of the conjugal act nor the rights and dignity of the embryos conceived.”  In the eyes of my religion, the only choice my husband and I have is hormonal treatments and surgery.  As I feel some type of relief knowing I have an option…then I start to wonder – “what if that doesn’t work?”

I am faced with my own ethical debate – do I sit with the beliefs of my church and live a life without a child of mine own -or- do I choice In vitro and face the wrath of God?


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  1. zangwenjie on May 6, 2010 4:06 pm

    I think you can hava a child by fertility treatments as long as the embryos conceived agrees.If it is too difficult for you to do this you can also adopt a child .HOpe these words are helpful to you!
    best wishes!

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  3. mike on November 24, 2010 4:22 pm

    Really? you’re here on earth for 80 years…maybe 90 tops…and you’re worried about what anyone has to say?

    Nobody matters here but you and your husband. no one needs to know your business. get pregnant however it takes, or adopt. there are a bunch of children needing someone that wants them. Let me give you some sage advice. I have a natural child and a stepdaughter. There ain’t no difference. (emphasis on the vernacular). Life is what you make it. No one is paying your bills, no one is wiping your nose when you’re sick. God is a forgiving God . . . not a vindictive one. Live your life, have children. Make the world a little more better and a little more beautiful because you have been in it.

  4. M Heller on February 20, 2011 4:50 pm

    Please adopt. Someone, many needs you. If the sex act and the egg are so sacred then imagine how much God will love you if take care of one of his children who has nothing.

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