Now, Chinese clothes are being called into question after two children were burned when their nightclothes caught fire.

A recall has been ordered, and an investigation is in progress after scientist discovered Chinese clothing containing levels of formaldehyde 900 times higher than what is considered safe.

This is the first time that the safety of Chinese clothes have been called into question.

Chinese scream trade protectionism, but maybe it is just consumer protectionism?

Are Chinese products under attack, or are there legitimate grounds to prove unethical behavior and a lack of social responsibility in China’s manufacturing practices.

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  2. Serges Fotso Tagne on January 20, 2011 7:18 pm

    Many people argue that chinese product are the least expensive. and that chinese manufacturers give the opportunity to everyone despite their level of income to meet their needs. However the safety of the consumer is absent in chinese manufacturers jargon, that ends up making the cheap good more expensive. Many people in Cameroon lost their properties because they had bought chinese electronic or electric equipments. I thik that something really need to be done to constrain those manufactuurers for more responsibility. producing bad quality products just because there are poor people to buy is comparable to selling drugs because there are people addicted to them.

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  4. news on August 4, 2011 1:17 am

    Society seems more divided in the news nowadays. Just a matter of time until China matures to the point that they can compete with US.

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