Customer service is very important to me. I have spent my entire life helping run my family’s business, and was taught at a very young age to do my very best to ensure that the customer is happy. This is one of the many reasons why I decided to major in Business, and focus my studies on business ethics, customer service, and social responsibility.

With all this in mind, I often find myself analyzing the customer service I receive from businesses that I patronize.

Last week I had my first visit at the orthodontist. I received my consultation, met the wonderful staff, and was familiarized with the office.

I decided to visit this orthodontist because he offered Damon braces in the Lehigh Valley for adult patients, but I have chosen him as my orthodontist for many reasons:

  • office etiquette
  • fun & friendly environment
  • quality care
  • experienced staff
  • patient-centric approach
  • advance braces technology
  • state-of-the-art office

All of these add up to a high quality of customer service.

My orthodontist and I have the same end goal…to create a beautiful happy smile for me.


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